About Future Solutions

Future Solutions, is a boutique consulting firm providing global education, sports consultancy and business solutions to clients in the State of Qatar and GCC Countries or at International level. The company is based in Doha, Qatar.

Future Solutions brings to the table an extensive array of hands-on experience, working with schools, training centers, federations, leagues, teams, venue developers, municipalities/governmental entities, law firms and corporations/brands.

There are hundreds of firms offering education and sports business consulting. Future Solutions differentiates itself in several ways:

Future Solutions boutique size assures that the client's interests are personally attended to by international experts and overhead is kept to a minimum level.

Future Solutions can evaluate education and sports business issues through the eyes of schools, clubs, leagues, sponsors, broadcasters, governments and investors, as he has worked closely with all of these key stakeholders, providing strategic advice that considers the interests of all the disparate parties.

Future Solutions understands the mentality and structure of education and sports business on all the world.