We Cover All Renewable Energy Technologies

Solar Energy - Wind Power - Geothermal - Hydropower - Hydrogen - Bio Energy - Ocean Energy - Green Power - and other emerging renewable energy technologies.

The Renewable Energy Agency provides a global, high class, end-to-end service for clients seeking services within the renewable/clean technology markets. Our services extend throughout the value chain from origination to disposal of projects, and our team sources and qualifies projects globally.

Our team is involved in all assets classes that promote renewable energy generation through sustainable processes, either with existing or new green/clean technologies. Our vision is to successfully promote renewable energy into global market working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned.

We aim to create a more sustainable energy environment for local communities, reduce the carbon footprint and attract investment through industry and commerce. Our view is that a great deal of work has been done politically in many countries to promote renewable energy through incentives, however programs such as ‘feed in tariffs’ have been poorly managed in some countries and have created a very difficult and unworkable environment.

It could be argued that many countries have not learned from the mistakes of others, but moving forward, we believe that due to an improved political and economic environment, a more realistic environment will be created, thus delivering sustainable long term investment returns. The reduction in technology costs combined with increased efficiencies creates a more stable long term view.

Our mission is to be the leading specialist agency in the global renewable energy space. The Renewable Energy Agency’s track record proves that we have excellent working relationships and a strong understanding of our client’s needs.

The Renewable Energy Agency’s vision is to successfully promote renewable energy into global markets, working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned. We offer:

Project acquisition

Renewable energy agency will source the correct project to meet your needs. We can provide a team to evaluate your project, both technically and legally if required, to complete the purchase.

Project disposal

Renewable energy agency will provide a targeted marketing campaign and other specialist sourcing techniques to find a suitable purchaser for your project. We will liaise constantly with all parties in the transaction, from the lawyers to the technical team, to ensure the transaction concludes smoothly and on time.

Full assistance with site development/planning

If you are looking to develop your own project, Renewable energy agency can assist you make sure you have the right local professional team in your area of focus.

Retained project search

Renewable energy agency offers you the opportunity to have one of our team members dedicated full-time to finding the exact project to meet your personalised criteria.

EPC introduction, selection and negotiation

We work with many of the leading EPC’s globally. Thanks to our exceptional relationships with them, we can achieve highly competitive pricing and terms.

Sourcing equity for projects

Renewable Energy Agency can assist in acquiring equity for your project.

Sourcing partners for projects/companies

If you are looking for a strategic investment partner for your project/company, Renewable Energy Agency can help in the search for the perfect partner.

Sourcing modules/inverters

If you require modules or inverters for your project, Renewable Energy Agency can help you source these at competitive rates through our network of suppliers.

Facilities management

Renewable Energy Agency and our partner offer a complete facilities management service covering technical, legal and financial assistance. This includes operation and maintenance, supervising daily activity, optimising performance, and ensuring a specialised team in order to deal with on site issues. This service is proven to increase the performance of a plant.


In recent years, the solar market has seen enormous global growth.

2012 was an exceptional year for solar, both domestically and globally, with some unlikely players throwing their hats into the ring and upping the ante on achievable power generating capacity. The US and China dominated the markets, but many countries such as Germany also saw substantial growth. Phenomenal innovation has been seen throughout the entire value chain, with various Leasing and third party ownership models that have driven the markets forward.

The Renewable Energy agency operates in areas where we see the highest potential with minimum political and legislative risk.

Our principle markets for Solar PV are the UK, Germany and Poland. However, we also operate globally and consider projects worldwide. We are currently focused on the UK market which is supported by Feed in Tariff and Renewable Obligation Certificates.


An excellent and abundant alternative to fossil fuels, wind power is widely distributed for several reasons. It is clean and renewable, uses little land and produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.

Environmental effects are, as a general rule, less problematic than those from other power sources. The monetary cost per unit of energy produced is similar to the cost for new coal and natural gas installations.

As of 2011, Denmark is generating more than a quarter of its electricity, and 83 countries around the world are using wind power on a commercial basis. Last year’s figures show that Wind power capacity grew 20% globally in 2012. Although a relative slowdown in new wind turbine construction was seen in China, this was offset by increases in the US, Germany, India and the UK.

Wind power reached a new peak in 2012 with 282 gigawatts (GW) total installed capacity globally. More than 45GW of new wind turbines arrived in 2012, with China and the US leading the way with 13GW each, while Germany, India and the UK were next with about 2GW apiece.

We target European markets for our clients. In Europe we are focused on UK and Poland. We see strong growth in these countries and are working alongside solid developers with extensive pipelines.

Following our company’s success and our team’s expanding industry knowledge, we are proud to say that we now invest directly into certain projects.

Our team can discuss your ideas and requirements and offer advice on the best way to move your project forward.

We have an extensive and current knowledge of the industry, it’s funding opportunities and restrictions. This allows us to work closely with our investment partners to establish projects that are commercially viable and successful.

If you have a project that you feel would be of interest, please feel free to contact us.