Sowing the Knowledge Seed

FS Education and Consulting Solutions are stalwarts in weaving threads of knowledge and learning in a comprehensive fashion for people from different walks of life with an amaigamation of experience, criteria,requirement and thinking patterns. We symbolize the figure of blending innovation with substance by creating new learning concepts, methods and patterns to reach every individual effectively. Our elementary aim is to produce such learning methodologies that provides the reasoning and perceptive capacity of the learners

We have fabricated several customized learning methodologies based on the needs of the client incorporating the rudiments as well as going beyond it in the form of innovative ideas and creative conceptualization. We have literally changed the landscape of learning platform through our perception setting new trends in this industry. Not restricting ourselves to pedantic knowledge and learning process, we have not only touched the shores but also gone deeper into the ocean of recreational and demiurgic learning.

Our solutions are categorically streamlined and technologically adept to suit the needs and level of understanding of the audience. Be it through hard core technical learning process, activity based, innovational or e-learning. We pride in our foresight for transition in educational concepts and learning patterns, as ,evolution should not just be restricted to living beings but also their learning process. Our ubiquitous enterprise makes our process available effortlessly everywhere.

Vision - Proliferation of the Knowledge Seed

We envision to be a comprehensive and reputed entity in Education Consulting and Solutions for all learning needs across the world, offering best-in-class far reaching solutions.

Mission - Nurturing the Knowledge Seed

We intend to develop and evolve by rendering solutions relevant to the cultural and social mark up of the locality and at the same time integrating a global approach and thought process which benefits the audience to evolve in a cosmopolitan manner. With this adage, we aspire to effectuate our vision.


Acquiring, adapting and absorbing the international exposure to skills, knowledge and technical know-how to transform them into an ingeniousness that becomes an identity of


Our ambition is to channelize our dexterity in the field of knowledge transfer and its techniques in a ubiquitous manner for maximum measurable impact.


Unparalleled, unequivocal and steadfastly support rendered in planning, developing and executing knowledge and learning programs.


Augmenting groundbreaking and creative techniques and solutions for requirements whether austere


We use cutting-edge technology to generate most favourable and advanced learning programs and software which accounts for one of our distinctive features setting us apart from the others.


stands for transforming the society in their own miniature ways to establish a well versed and responsible world. We believe we owe a greater good for the entire society and mankind.